Is it possible to co-finance my project also through third-party funding, e.g., when I would like to work with more than four artists?

Yes, co-financing with third-party funding is generally possible.  

Will travel expenses and accommodations for artists who must travel from outside of the region, but are participating in the project be compensated?

The open call for applications was explicitly directed to artists from the region. Therefore, the festival cannot cover travel and accommodation expenses. However, co-financing through third-party fund could also be possible. Contact us to discuss individual cases.

How should the results from the residency be presented?

We would like to have a presentation of your work / work-in-progress or a lecture performance of at least 20 minutes. We are not looking for a fully completed piece. The presentation format can, in consultation with the curator, be chosen freely. The presentations should offer insights into your artistic process, your point of view and your methods. Here, there is no pressure to succeed. For example, you could perform three different versions of a scene in front of an audience to test them and reflect upon the results. The presentation of your own artistic themes and approaches are just as important as creating a dialog with the audience.

Can I apply for residencies and mentoring simultaneously?

Yes, if mentoring and residency are interconnected. A residency can be additionally supported by mentoring.

The language we use for collaborating is English. Does the presentation have to be in German?

The presentation can also be in English. Please contact us so that we can find a way to make your work accessible to those who do not speak English.

In order to apply for a mentorship, do I already have to name a specific mentor?

No, the specific person does not have to be appointed yet. If you need help finding a mentor for a particular issue, let us know.

How should the results from the mentorship be presented?

We wish to present insights into the collaboration with the mentors. The format will be designed in coordination with the festival team and the other mentoring groups.

What do you mean by ‘structural issues’?

This has to do with, for example, questions of diversity, accessibility, sustainability, work and production processes, dramatic direction or digitality. This should be a topic that you are directly working on or are confronted with in your project.

Can I make other suggestions?

Yes, please! We are open to ideas for our programme, suggestions for musical or other artistic contributions, topics for the peer-to-peer academy, etc. Just write us an email: kulturamt.schwindelfrei(at)mannheim.de

I have created a digital project, installation or film and would like to present it in the festival. Would you be interested?

Yes. Just let us know what your project is and how you think it could be presented in the festival. Please be aware that Schwindelfrei is a theatre festival – your project should have something to do with this or has been developed out of another form of performance.

Can I apply even if I am still a student?

Those who are actively producing art at a professional level, but are also studying can apply.

I would rather send my application by post. Is that possible?

No. Please send your application per email as a PDF/ as an audio or video file.

Do I need to send letters of reference?

No, letters of reference are not necessary.

Will there be an application interview?

No. Application interviews will not be held.

What criteria will be used by the curator to evaluate my application?

Has the planned project been convincingly presented? Could a residency actually help the group with their project? (For instance, a literary research project does not require a rehearsal room, but an exploration of movement would.) How urgent is the residency for the particular group in respect to other groups? Does the selection of the projects as a whole exhibit artistic variety?

Is there a possibility to receive feedback in the case that my application has been rejected?

If the number of applications allows, the curator will make a short, individual statement on each of the submissions.

Is there a possibility of childcare?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer childcare because of legal reasons.

Are the working spaces barrier-free?

Unfortunately, the work spaces are only partially barrier-free. 

Please contact Nicole Libnau about your requirements:

When will I find out if I have been selected to participate?

Participants will be informed by the end of January 2024 at the latest.

Can I submit more than one application?

No. You can only submit one application.

How often will the presentations be shown?

Each presentation is expected to take place once.

Will the presentations be filmed or photographed?

The presentations will be filmed and photographed by a person designated by the festival team.

Are the people I will be working with during my residency familiar with issues such as racism, ableism and gender identities? Will they show sensitivity regarding these issues during our collaboration?

When it comes to the issues you mentioned, the festival team and the staff working for our cooperation partners have varying levels of knowledge. However, we are collectively striving to constantly increase our sensibility to these issues through workshops, continuing education and working on our own self-image.

Is there a budget for technology and material expenses?

The festival has a general total budget for these types of expenses. There is not an extra budget for residencies to cover technology or material expenses.

Does the festival have an awareness team? Is there an awareness concept?

The festival has a designated awareness officer. We will continue to work on the concept of awareness from festival to festival.

I have more questions. Who do I talk to?

Please contact Nicole Libnau