for Art Experimentation

For us, residencies are focused phases of artistic work that we can support within the framework of the festival by providing workspaces and a budget.

Work processes, research, and room for experimentation all play an important role in the performing arts. We would like to make this part of the artistic process transparent in the Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei.

The Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei will award up to four residencies for artistic research. You are free to choose the topic of your residency. The concluding presentation will take place during the festival between July 7-10, 2022.

Who can apply?

  • Individual artists and groups from all disciplines in the independent performing arts scene who live or work in Mannheim and the surrounding Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan region

We offer:

  • 3-week work residency for artistic development, research, and experimentation
  • provision of a rehearsal space in Mannheim
  • June 20-July 2, 2022: work phase, program development and facilities
  • technical assistance during the work phase
  • renumeration for a max. of 4 persons for 3 weeks per residency. The renumeration per person has been set at €1,800

We expect:

  • mandatory availability of all artists during the work phase and throughout the festival from June 20-July 10
  • July 7-10, 2022: public final presentation of at least 20 minutes

How can I apply?

  • Introduce yourself. (max. 10 lines) 
  • Present your project for the residency – what do you hope to accomplish? (max. 1 page) 
  • Who will participate? List all participants in the residency project (name, function and where they live / work) 
  • Let us know if you wish to have a mentor for your residency (yes or no). If yes, answer the question guide for the mentorship
  • Send us links to websites/ other materials if applicable   
  • Send us your contact information and let us know who your contact person is


Please send your application per email to: kulturamt.schwindelfrei(at)

Application deadline: Jan. 15, 2022

Your submission must include the following:  

  • The answers to the questions given in “How do I apply?”. 

Your submission can be sent as a PDF, an audio file or as a video link depending on what format would be the most convenient for you.

Incomplete submissions cannot be considered. 

Questions about our OPEN CALL can be addressed at: kulturamt.schwindelfrei(at)