Mutual treatment

We want a festival where everyone feels comfortable.

We look forward to exchanging ideas, getting to know each other, discussing and even arguing about what we have experienced.

We would like these exchanges and discussions to be carried out in a fair and respectful manner.

We will not tolerate any form of discrimination or personal insult.

If you have discriminatory or hurtful experiences while visiting the festival, you can always contact any member of our team or the festival organizers directly. We are here for you and will deal with your issue.

You can contact our Inclusivity Team under:


We look forward to honest and respectful communication with each other.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

If you would like to find out more about topics such as privilege, ableism, racism or intersectionality, you can find some explanations of these terms from the Diversity Arts Culture – Berlin Design and Consultation Office for Diversity Development:

 MoRe Information